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“Wombats! Go Camping” by Maddie Frost

 Follow Maddie Frost through a “how to draw” experience.
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Pickles decides it’s time to make good on an IOU that Albert forgot he gave him four years ago and requests that they take a trip to Wizard’s Wharf! Albert begrudgingly agrees to accompany his best friend, but amusement parks aren’t really his thing. Pickles is determined to make Albert feel the magic around him, but even after exploring all the rides, games, mazes, and prizes that Wizard’s Wharf has to offer, Albert still isn’t as wowed by this environment as his friend is Will he find a way to have a blast? — Publisher’s description

Hi, hello. My name is Capybara and I think it’s important to be a great friend. Take it from me, I have 4,382 friends! Capybara will do anything for his friends. But it’s exhausting—and when Capybara meets a potential new friend who doesn’t seem to be responding to his advances, Capybara learns a valuable lesson. His friends like him just for who he is! This book is an excellent teaching tool for lessons on friendship and creating boundaries within those relationships. — Publisher’s description.

When a sardine who’s scared of everything loses its handbook for staying safe in the sea, it goes into total panic mode. But right as big, scary shadows are surrounding it, the sardine runs into a jellyfish preaching the wisdom of wiggling your worries away. Try it! Wiggle up…wiggle down …wiggle all around! When you’re done, your problems might not seem so enormous—and those scary shadows might turn out to be friends! — Publisher’s description.

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