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When memory loss becomes an issue, caregivers often struggle with finding things to fill the time they spend with someone. Our libraries have individual kits for you to borrow to help fill a little of this time.  Kits are created for caregivers and loved ones as an activity to be done with those experiencing memory loss, dementia & and other cognitive disabilities.  These activities are designed to engage people with dementia in a meaningful way, to reduce boredom and improve quality of life.  Kits can also help stimulate conversations between those with cognitive impairment and their loved ones. The fun activity in each kit can also lead to a sense of accomplishment, enabling people with dementia to live fuller and more meaningful lives.

More than one kit may be borrowed at once and kits circulate for 7 days. Check our online catalog for availability.


  • Blue Truck Far jigsaw puzzle 
  • Match the Dots
  • Match the Suits
  • Tangram
  • Water Doodle


  • Expressions Game
  • Bird Group Matching Cards
  • Fidget and Sensory Pad
  • Laminated Word Search
  • Match the Pins
  • Match the Shapes
  • “Seasons” Multi-Level word search (laminated)
  • Singing Around The Birdhouse Jigsaw Puzzle




*Jigsaw puzzles are specifically colored and designed for memory impaired*


Thank You to the Northford-North Branford Women’s Club for their generous contribution to this important collection for our Library patrons!