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The meeting rooms at the Atwater Memorial Library and the Edward Smith Library are available for public use as a community service to the people of North Branford. The Library facilities can accommodate a variety of activities, ranging from small events to informal meetings for educational, civic, charitable or cultural. organizations and non-profit groups.

Between the Atwater Memorial Library and the Edward Smith Library, we have four rooms available for public use. Each Library has a smaller Seminar Room and a larger Community Room. Reserve one today.

Seminar Room:

  • Capacity: 6 (Atwater Memorial Library and Edward Smith Library)
  • 1 table with six chairs
  • Meetings in the Seminar Room must take place during regular Library operating hours

Community Room:

  • Capacity: 36 (Atwater Memorial Library) and 34 (Edward Smith Library)
  • Kitchenette includes full refrigerator and sink
  • Access to rest rooms during and after Library hours
  • 5 folding tables with 40 chairs
  • All meetings or events must start during regular Library operating hours; meetings in the Community Room are allowed to extend past regular Library operating hours with the understanding that the building will be locked and groups cannot re-enter the Library once they exit.
  • The following equipment is available in each Community Room:
    • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector with electric screen
    • White boards
    • Lectern (Atwater Memorial Library only)

Rules and procedures as established under the Meeting Room Policy govern use of the Seminar Room and the Community Room. To promote the accessibility of our meeting rooms to a wide variety of users, any individual or group is limited to a total of 3 outstanding reservations at one time. Please refer to our Meeting Room Policy for more details.