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Empowering Women Towards & In Retirement – Educational Workshop

05/11/23 @ 6:30pm –
05/11/23 @ 8:00pm

Smith Library Community Room

Edward Smith Library

Registration is required.

Retirement Planning for Women is Different. Here’s How:

Planning for retirement is not a one-size-fits-all model. While savings, health, cost of living, and lifestyle expectations are major factors, research shows that gender can play a large role in retirement planning and that women may have additional challenges that should be considered. On average, women will live longer than men, spending more years in retirement as single, spend more money on healthcare, have lower earnings and savings, play a larger caregiving role that may lead to more part-time work, have more work gaps in their careers, and have a greater reliance on Social Security upon retirement.

The factors exacerbate the current challenges of living a longer life with inadequate savings and can create a greater sense of retirement insecurity for women. Policymakers and individuals have to consider these factors as they develop new approaches to encourage and enable more individuals to plan properly for retirement. 

Topics Discussed in the Workshop:

How might my retirement plan change due to divorce or outliving my partner?
How does survivorship on pensions and social security work?
How taxes can play a major role in the successful outcome of my future goals?
Market investments and sequence of return. How are they a key factor in meeting expectations?
Navigating the potential challenges of life changes to a successful conclusion.
Wills, trusts, beneficiaries and preparing for worthwhile legacy plan.