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“Cookies and Milk” by Shawn Amos

 Watch Shawn Amos discuss his transition from jazz musician to children’s author.
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After the overnight success of his dad’s cookie store, twelve-year-old Ellis Johnson is on top of the world! Ellis is ready for his turn, playing harmonica on national television–until his big break turns into the most embarrassing moment of his life.

Ellis is sure everyone at home is judging him, and he can barely stand to show his face in school. Ellis’s only bright spot is the loyal friends who have stayed by his side–who might just be able to help Ellis to get his groove back — Publisher’s description

Two-time Caldecott Medalists Leo and Diane Dillon open your heart with the pure magic of a “dream team” jazz session. Bright colors and musical patterns make the music skip off the page in this toe-tapping homage to many jazz greats. From Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk to Ella Fitzgerald, here is an evening sure to knock your socks off! A music CD is included so that you can experience these amazing artists at home. — Publisher’s description.

Fifteen poems, infused with the rhythm and wordplay of jazz music, are paired with bold, stylized illustrations of performers and dancers to convey the history and breadth of this unique musical style. From bebop to New Orleans, from ragtime to boogie, and every style in between, Jazz takes readers on a musical journey from jazz’s beginnings to the present day. This Coretta Scott King Honor Book pulls the rhythm off the page. — Publisher’s description.

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