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“All the Way to the Top” by Annette Bay Pimentel

Join Author Annette Bay Pimentel in a read-along of “All the Way to the Top”
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cover image Pura’s Cuentos: How Pura Belpré Reshaped Libraries with Her Stories

Tie Sing was born in the mountains. The mountains were in his blood. But because he was of Chinese descent at a time in America when to be Chinese meant working in restaurants or laundries, Tie Sing’s prospects were limited. But, he had bigger plans. He began cooking for mapmakers and soon built a reputation as the best trail cook in California! When millionaire Stephen Mather began his quest to create a national park service in 1915, he invited a group of influential men to go camping in the Sierras. Tie Sing was hired to cook. This was his time to shine but when when disaster struck and Tie Sing’s supplies were lost, it was his creative spirit and quick mind that allowed his to serve 30 people over 10 days. — Publisher’s description

Discover how music is made in this survey of musical instruments from around the world. Organized by material—from wood to gourds to found objects and more. Learn how the makers source their materials and craft instruments by hand, drawing the line from the natural world to the finished product and its sound. The sidebars offer much more to discover, including extensive instrument lists, short bios of musical innovators, and more. — Publisher’s description

A lyrical, vibrant tribute to the amazing life and legacy of Pura Belpré, a lauded storyteller, librarian, and pioneer of bilingual storytimes. When Pura grows up and moves from Puerto Rico to Harlem, she gets a job at the library, where she is surrounded by stories—but they’re only in English. Where is Señor Gallo? Where is Pérez the mouse? Where is Puerto Rico on these shelves? She decides to tell children the tales of her homeland in English and in Spanish! A pioneer of bilingual storytimes, she welcomed countless new families to the library, formed cultural bridges in her community, and broke the rules by telling stories that weren’t printed in books—at least, not yet. —  Publisher’s description

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