Library Summer Reading

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Who:  All Noble Children of the North Branford Kingdom

What:  Lots of books to read and fun virtual programs!

Where:  The Atwater and Smith Libraries

When:  Registration begins Weds. June 24th online at:

Virtual Programs & Packets available weekly from June 29th – August 7th, 2020

To the great Adventurers of the Kingdom of North Branford,

Below this letter you shall find the magical equipment and materials to begin your quest to help us restore imagination to the kingdom. I wish you the greatest of luck in creating a wonderful story. 


– The Story-Smith




Pastry Fusions – gift card

Mellillo’s Greenhouse – gift card

Northford Country Grill – gift card

DeFrancesco’s Farm stand pie – gift card

Cecarellis / Harrison Hill Farm gift card

Rose’s ice cream – gift card


Private at home storytelling session

Jr. Parade Marshall for the Memorial Day Parade

Firefighter for an afternoon

Horseback riding lesson – Wild Wind Stables

Photo session in the sunflowers



Current Quest


Quest Resources


Stuck in Our Castle Bingo


Prince Charlie and Princess Clara