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Smith Library Community Room

Edward Smith Library

Puzzle-Off Rules

Teams may consist of 4-9 people.
Teams must be pre-registered by March 1, 2023.
Puzzles will be 1000 pieces of the exact same puzzle.
Get creative! Wear a hat, ribbon, or select a theme and name! Check to make sure someone else doesn’t have the same name ahead of time!

Competition begins at: 9:45AM

Lunch break is from: 11AM – 12PM

Competition ends promptly at 3PM

The winner will be the team who has connected the most puzzle pieces continuously (not unconnected clusters) in the allotted time.
The winner will be determined by the least number of pieces left unconnected.
Each team will count their own pieces; in case of a close finish, the judge will recount pieces. The judge’s decision is final.
Parking is limited. Please carpool if possible.
Feel free to bring your own lunch or stop by one of our local area shops: Subway – Dunkin’ Donuts – Amanda’s Deli – Milani Bakery – The Northford Store

Registration Required! To register, call the Edward Smith Library at 203-484-0469 and ask for Teresa.