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Not Funny: Author Talk with Academy Award Nominated Jena Friedman

05/10/23 @ 8:00pm –
05/10/23 @ 9:00pm


Jena Friedman, Not Funny: Essays on Life, Comedy, Culture, Et Cetera, Wednesday, May 10th

Celebrity comedian and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jena Friedman’s debut collection, Not Funny, takes on the third rails of modern life in Jena’s bold and subversive style, with essays that explore cancel culture, sexism, work, celebrity worship, and…dead baby jokes. In a moment where women’s rights are being rolled back, fascism is on the rise, and so many of us could use a breather as we struggle to get by, Jena applies her unique gifts to pull a laugh from things deemed too raw, too precious, and too scary to joke about. She shares her stories of taking on those who told her she was too brash, too edgy, and too “unlikable” to make it. She deftly dissects how we get coerced into silence on the issues that matter most, until they’ve gone too far afield to be turned back around again. And she shares her struggles to make it (-ish) in a world that, more often than not, would rather tune out than listen to a woman confronting the indignities we’ve been told to bear.

Join us for what is absolutely sure to be the most entertaining hour of the day!