Curbside Pickup

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How does it work?

  • Request your materials
  • You’ll receive an email or phone call when your materials are ready for pickup
  • Drive to the main entrance of the pickup Library
  • Call the pickup Library when you arrive to let us know you are here
  • Staff will place your materials in a bag on a table by the main entrance for pickup. Before approaching the table, please wait until the staff member is back in the building. To minimize contact and increase social distancing, staff will not approach or place items in your car

Three ways to request materials

  1. Use our online catalog to search for North Branford owned items. Look for items that are listed as “On Shelf” at North Branford/Atwater or North Branford/Smith. Log into your account and place items on hold by clicking on the “Place Hold” button
  2. Email your requests to:
    Please include: your name, library card number, requested titles (with author and preferred format) and Pickup Location, either Atwater Library or Smith Library
  3. Call the Atwater Library at 203-315-6020 or the Smith Library at 203-484-0469 to have a staff member put items on hold for you

How to pick up materials

  • We’ll get everything ready for you. Our staff will retrieve your items, check them out on your account, and have them ready for you when you arrive
  • A staff member will contact you by phone or email when your requests are available for pickup at your selected location

Curbside pickup locations:

    • Atwater Memorial Library 1720 Foxon Rd. North Branford
    • Edward Smith Library 3 Old Post Rd. Northford

Curbside pickup hours:

    • Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm
    • Friday from 9am to 12pm

  • When you arrive to pick up your requested items, please call your pickup Library and we will place your bagged items on a table by the main entrance
  • Find the bag labeled with your last name and the last 4 digits of your phone number
  • Grab your bag and enjoy!


  • To order items for pickup you must have a library card. Need a card? Contact the Atwater or Smith Library and we will sign you up for a one
  • Only Atwater items can be picked up at the Atwater Library; only Smith items can be picked up at the Smith Library
  • Patrons will be limited to 10 materials per curbside pickup order
  • Curbside pickup items will be held for three business days 
  • Only items owned by North Branford Public Libraries are available to request
  • If you’re not comfortable using our online catalog or if you’re not sure what to read next (or watch or listen to), please call us for suggestions!
  • In order to protect the safety of our staff and comply with staffing levels that allow for social distancing, we cannot guarantee same-day pick-up for items

Returning materials

  • Staff will not accept returns from patrons or cars during a curbside pickup transaction. All returns must be put in our outside book drops
  • Items will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before processing, and will remain on patron accounts until they have been checked in
  • Please return items to the location you picked them up

Health & safety

  • All returned material is quarantined for 72 hours (following CDC guidelines)
  • Staff report to work only if they (and family members) are healthy
  • Limited staff members are allowed in the building at the same time to ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to
  • PPE is provided for staff members. All staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently
  • Workspaces are regularly cleaned with sanitizer